The School of Dance, Ottawa, Ontario, CanadaThe School of Dance, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The School of Dance is going GREEN!

Actually, we have been GREEN for a long time, because as a charity, every penny counts at The School, so we do practical things like turn off lights and keep the windows closed in the winter which benefits not only us/our utility bills, but the environment as well. Now, we’ve combined our efforts to become more environmentally friendly with our fundraising efforts and propose the following two new ways for you to help The School of Dance and be GREEN.

  1. Save your GREEN electronic trash! The School has teamed up with Think Recycle to safely recycle old ink cartridges, laser cartridges, digital cameras and cell phones. The School of Dance will earn funds for each qualifying cartridge, camera or cell phone returned AND through a partnership with The Tree Canada Foundation and American Forests, Think Recycle will sponsor the planting of one tree for every twelve qualifying items - two GREENs for one! A list of the exact items we can accept is posted in the office, on the main bulletin board and on our website. If you have an item and you’re not sure if it qualifies, please call me at 613-238-7838 and I will confirm for you. The drop off box is in the main office.
  2. HOPS (Help Our Programmes). You might think that feet come first at The School of Dance, but our hands are busy as well. We are producing GREEN bin liners as a fundraising project. These origami bags are made from recycled newspaper and are designed to line the new GREEN bins provided to every household by the City of Ottawa so that we can all recycle organic material. Recycling newspapers into bags for recycling - how GREEN can you be? HOPS are $3/dozen and are available for order in the office or by calling 613-238-7838.

Thank you for your support as we continue to find new ways to recycle, fundraise and be GREEN.


P.S. We, at The School have a real kinship with all things GREEN. Besides being the recognized, environmentally friendly colour, historically the GREEN ROOM is where the dancers, musicians and actors gather and relax to prepare for the onstage magic.

Shall We Dance?