The School of Dance

Merrilee Hodgins A.R.A.D., Artistic Director

Studio Rental

The School of Dance provides studios for rental use to the community.  Priority will be given to our own programmes, followed by other arts organizations, practising artists, artists in the early stages of their careers, arts service organizations, institutions of learning, not for profit and charitable organizations and community associations.

Private rentals are available only when our programming priorities have been accommodated. Studios can be booked and rental permits obtained at the main office during our operating hours (7 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday).

Anyone wishing to use space at The School of Dance should be aware that we are a dance training facility. The voices of students and teachers, music and the sounds of other artistic activities can be heard throughout the building. The rates are:

Category 1: Artists/arts organizations

Category 2: Not-for-profit/registered charity/community organizations

Category 3: General public or private organizations

Rental during business hoursCategory 1Category 2Category 3
Small Studio$20/hr$20/hr$30/hr
Medium Studio (21 to 70 people)$25/hr$25/hr$45/hr
Large Studio (70 to 150 people)$30/hr$35/hr$60/hr


Rental outside of business hoursCategory 1Category 2Category 3
Small Studio$25/hr$30/hr$35/hr
Medium Studio (21 to 70 people)$30/hr$40/hr$50/hr
Large Studio (70 to 150 people)$30/hr$50/hr$70/hr

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  1. *If you require the use of electronic equipment or other support material please talk to us.
  2. Rentals are subject to HST.
  3. Administration fee for permits is $20 (September – August)
  4. Rentals outside of our operating hours will also include a staff charge of $20/hr.
  5. Studios are available a minimum of 15 minutes before booking time for set up. Set up and take down in a studio are the responsibility of the rental group. Please leave the room as you found it. (or better!)
  6. Studio preparation is available from The School of Dance at a charge of $20 for each set up or take down.
  7. Payment must be made in advance.
  8. Cancellations must be made a week prior to the booking in order to obtain a refund.
  9. Proof of a minimum of $2 mil liability insurance is required.
  10. The renter will be held responsible for any damage to the facility or equipment during the rental period.
  11. Renters must follow the rules of the building or forfeit the right to be in the building.
  12. There is no parking at the Avon entrance of 200 Crichton Street associated with rentals.
  13. No shoe/controlled footwear policy in effect.
  14. Rentals are subject to cancellation by The School of Dance in the event of a programme conflict.
  15. Subject to change without notice.