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The School of Dance

Merrilee Hodgins A.R.A.D., Artistic Director

The School of Dance Helps the Community

Canada 150, The School of Dance with the City of Ottawa

Photo: Courtesy of the Department of Canadian Heritage

Each year, The School of Dance provides more than 4,000 hours of off-peak studio time for use by Ottawa's independent choreographers, dancers and small arts organizations. The School also collaborates with many national institutions and educational colleagues, providing mentorship and administrative support to young artists. The School has helped many organizations and educational institutions including:



Sarah Anthony

Natasha Bakht

Melanie Bennett

Amanda Bon

Chloe Bonnet

Anik Bouvrette

Susie Burpee

Yvonne Coutts

Stéphanie Cyr

Geoffrey Dollar

Nenad Duplancic

Nicola Fridgen

Amelia Griffin

David Houle

Lauren Howard

Elena Ilin

Kateri Jacobs

Nicholas Jodouin-Lund

Cathy Kyle Fenton

Hélène Lefebvre

Marilou Lépine

Kiyoko Makimura

Vanessa Michaud

Chelsea Passmore

Nancy Pidgeon

Sylvie Richard

Lola Ryan

Sarah Squizzato

Kiyana Tam von Burg

Tanis Waller

Community Activities

Baby Wearing Ballet, Fitness Classes

Birthing from Within, Childbirth Workshops

Michele Carini, MELT Instructor

Marie-Eve Coupal, Ikebana Workshops

Pat Dymond, Yoga Instructor

Elysian Insight, Sports/Performance Psychology

Christine Friday, Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health

Loïc Gouadec, Tai Chi Instructor

Danielle Hamilton, Highland Dance Instructor

Karin Holtkamp, Yoga Instructor

Erin Mansfield, Highland Dance Instructor

Kimana Mar, Special Olympics Athlete

Stuart Maskell, Fitness Instructor

Dina Migoel, Flamenco Dance

Tanya Riley, Yoga Instructor

Marie-Lynne Sauve, Vocational Therapist

Zoe Stikeman, Yoga Instructor

Jennifer Stow, Photographer

Doris Wakeman, Nutrition/Bone Density Workshops

Arts Organizations and Institutions

Alberta Ballet

Ballet Jörgen

Carleton University

City of Ottawa

Cobra du Mandingue

Dark Horse Projects


Hong Kong Ballet

National Arts Centre

NB Thrilling Films 2, Inc.

Ottawa Dance Directive

Ottawa School of Ukrainian Dance

Pennsylvania Ballet

Platypus Theatre

Royal Winnipeg Ballet

School of Alberta Ballet

Svitanok Dance Ensemble

Tara Luz Danse

Théâtre jeunesse en tête

Artists requiring space for rehearsals or young professionals requesting artistic mentorship or administrative support, are invited to contact Merrilee Hodgins, Artistic Director of The School of Dance.